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catboys au i guess

a/n: i refuse to continue this au bc i have no idea what this is. may or may not have tried to include mpreg into this but i stopped myself bc i d e k ;; basically i gather this story, written by the catboy demon that possessed me, to be set in a world where there are cat human hybrids and they can be owned by humans and they're used as slaves bc who wouldn't want catboy servants?? but i'd treat them miles better than their master, in more ways than one ;)

i kinda wanted there to be an entire animalia of hybrids, with puppy!chansoo, but that can be written for another mental breakdown.

i imagined their master to be kris bc im evil and i stan evil kris tbh. i just wanted cat boys with sehun, kai and tao and a threesome, i'm sorry.

exo, nc-17, 2200w~

It was another lazy day, but Sehun wasn’t burdened by it. He felt satisfied just lounging in the sun room, curled up on the carpet while Jongin sat against him reading, or cuddling with Zitao on the couch. He was a cat, so he didn’t need to worry or complain about the banality of doing the same thing repeatedly. He also had never experienced much else but doing nothing but Sehun was contented with these endless lazy days.

Jongin felt differently. He would constantly grumble and complain, wanting to do more than nuzzle and pet either Zitao or Sehun. He was restless, and Sehun worried for him. Their master didn’t like Jongin’s moodiness and wouldn’t let them out of the house, even as Jongin pawed and begged him. Their master wanted them to remain indoors, which Sehun was fine with, but it just made Jongin’s restlessness itch more.

“There is a world outside of this house,” Jongin mutters darkly to Sehun and Zitao, who had begun nipping and sucking at Sehun’s neck while the younger cat giggled.  Jongin had closed his book and thrown it away roughly, and was now sitting in the middle of the floor, staring intently at the light that was seeping through the blinds covering the window.

“Stop reading those books,” Sehun reaches his hand out to Jongin but lets it drop against the couch when Zitao’s biting becomes more insistent, laving his tongue over the marks. Zitao moans, rolling his hips against Sehun, sending sparks of arousal up Sehun’s belly. “Come over here,” Sehun says, his breath hitching.

Sehun had asked to their master to get a bigger couch that could fit all of four of them, and to Sehun’s surprise, he had agreed. He hated to spend money any more than the necessities.

There was enough space for Jongin to lay down beside Sehun, who was on his back, with room to spare. Jongin crawls towards them, his face still grim, and Sehun laughs when Zitao lifts his head up from his neck to lick at the shell of his ear. When Zitao licks at a sensitive spot, shivers run down Sehun’s spine and he gasps.

Jongin crawls up the couch and stretches his body next to Sehun’s, reaching his hand to touch Zitao’s neck and putting his face close to Sehun’s, watching the younger boy smirk at him, his cheeks tinted pink from arousal. Jongin’s frown can’t help but fade.

Jongin leans down to kiss Sehun’s face and then his ears, his hand on Sehun’s stomach, feeling it contract and expand in time with his breathing.

Zitao turns from Sehun to kiss at Jongin’s neck in an affectionate and comforting way, licking at the tight muscles in his shoulders. Jongin sighs and moves to Sehun’s mouth, taking his hand away from his stomach and in between Sehun’s legs, his hand brushing against Zitao’s hard cock. Jongin smiles against Sehun’s mouth when Zitao groans softly against his ear.

They trade spots, so Jongin can hover over Sehun. Sehun’s lips tremble against his when Jongin’s hand grip onto Sehun’s dick, stroking it slowly. He spreads his legs until one hangs of the couch and he has to lift up underneath Jongin’s arm, silently telling them what he wants.

“Who do you want first,” Jongin whispers, kissing and touching Sehun’s cheek, hand still curled around his cock, barely touching it now.

Sehun closes his eyes and Jongin pulls away from his mouth, stroking his cock harder this time, grunting when Zitao, who had moved behind Jongin, begins to kiss down his back until he reaches the curve of his ass, face nuzzling against his tail that was raised up high from arousal.

Sehun opens his eyes, hazy and lust-filled, and whispers a “both” which is followed by a gasp when Jongin thumbs at the head of his cock. Jongin grins and nudges Zitao’s ear with the elbow of his free hand. Zitao whines and purrs , kissing his way back up Jongin’s back until his head rests on his shoulder. “What,” He purrs in his ears, making Jongin push back into his hard body instinctively.

“Sehun wants us both,” He murmurs, eyes heavy lidded when Zitao moves his hands around Jongin’s hips to stroke at his leaking cock. Zitao nods against his shoulder, looking down at Sehun, with a smug look. “Do you think you can handle both of us?”

Sehun nods. Zitao pulls away from Jongin and off the couch so he can creep towards the toy drawer. Jongin rubs at Sehun’s shoulders, rocking his hips and brushing his erection against Sehun, who moans softly. Sehun grabs at Jongin suddenly, almost scratching him, to pull him down. Jongin smiles against Sehun’s swollen lips and ruts against him deeply when Sehun links his legs together against his back. They kiss sweetly and suddenly their kisses become more desperate. Sehun feels so hot, almost feverish, underneath Jongin's fingertips and pulls him closer to kiss him more deeply. Sehun's cock was digging into his thigh and his tail was reaching as close as it could to his ass, his eyes were blown wide and red, and the sounds of his grunts and moans cracked by his ear, he knew that Sehun was getting impatient.

“Hurry up, Zitao.” Jongin mutters in between breathes, unable to pull away from Sehun’s lips for  too long.

“Coming,” Zitao says and he bounds back, what he was searching for, a tiny bottle of lube, in his hands. Zitao shakes his head and Jongin has to rip himself out of Sehun’s deathgrip to take it from him. Zitao hands him the bottle and shrugs at the bewildered look on Jongin’s face.

“That’s all I found,” He says glumly and Jongin looks at Sehun, who is lifting his hips up and whining, face completely pink and his eyes pleading.

“Please,” Sehun whines, licking his lips. “I need you both.”

“Are you sure,” Jongin murmurs, leaning down to kiss Sehun on the cheek and Sehun moans at the contact. “There isn’t enough.”

“Please..” Sehun shudders violently, making Jongin worried. He touches Sehun’s stomach gently and Sehun’s voice drops. “Please, I’m in heat.”

Jongin’s eyes widen and Sehun reaches up to kiss and bite at Jongin’s neck, grunting and groaning desperately down his neck.  Jongin turns to Zitao, who looks frightened too.

Their master knew of what they did together, the three of them, alone, but he had forbidden them to do anything while one of them was in heat. Their master had monitored their cycles closely and made sure to know when one of them was going to be in heat, and took careful precaution to keep them separate, even if it met locking them in a room for hours, even days on end, with only food to keep them company. Neither Zitao nor Jongin knew how Sehun had managed to let this slip past their master.

Sehun cries softly and Jongin and Zitao immediately kiss and beg him to stop crying. Sehun sniffles and he pants, taking both of their hands and places them against his stomach. “Please, only once, I’ll tell Master afterwards and go into the room. Please, I need you, both, now.”

Zitao frowns and looks expectantly at Jongin. Jongin swallows, looking at Sehun’s drenched and red face. He sees those pleading eyes, the ones he could never resist, and Sehun's lips mouthing please, in between gasps of air. Jongin furrows his brow, he knows he’ll get into trouble with their master if he so much touched Sehun, but when Sehun turns his head, moaning and rolling his hips upwards, his thick cock brushing against his, Jongin pounces, lapping at that long, white neck of his, sucking bruises against it.

Zitao is hesistant, but desire overwhelms him, making him push away any regret in his mind. He uncaps the bottle, dribbling the lube into his hand. He teases his wet fingers against Sehun’s hole and laughs nervously at how easily Sehun sucks his fingers inside and clenches around him.

Zitao pants at the hot, tight heat as he stretches Sehun and Sehun shudders and gasps, sliding his body down against Jongin so he can move closer to Zitao’s hand. Zitao inserts two more fingers and Sehun greedily takes them in, moaning obscenely.

“Please,” Sehun chants, his body shaking and shivering as Jongin kisses his cheek, trying to sooth him. Sehun whimpers, keening when Zitao puts in another finger. “I’m ready.”

Jongin sighs and he lifts up partway, letting Sehun claw and kiss him eagerly, and he pushes Zitao’s head so he can pull his fingers out. Zitao moves his hand out and Sehun lets out a gasp which quickly turns into a shout when Jongin replaces it with his cock.

He pushes inside gently but Sehun moves his hips and grabs at him wildly, forcing him to move faster and harder. Jongin gasps, snapping his hips at a pace that makes Sehun tremble and whimper in pleasure. He comes too fast and collapses onto Sehun with a moan.

He wants to rest for a few moments but Zitao nudges at him, startling Jongin, because he had forgotten he was there. He doesn’t move for a few moments to catch his breath and Zitao whines, pushing him off of Sehun. His mind is a haze but he moves onto his side so he can watch Sehun mewl and reach for Zitao, who allows himself to be pulled into Sehun’s arms as they move their hips together.

Zitao is more gentler than Jongin with Sehun, pushing away his matted hair and sliding inside at a slow pace, and surprisingly Sehun doesn’t make him move faster, he just sighs and lets himself be kissed and fucked at the gentle pace Zitao likes. Zitao fucks his lover like he is the most precious thing imaginable and holds them like they're worth everything to him.

Jongin thought it would be annoying, having to endure how slow he fucks. Jongin liked it hard and fast. But being loved like that easily ran deep into his heart, made his toes curl and dragged out one of the best orgasms he has ever had.

Sehun sighs pleasurably with every roll of Zitao’s hips and he kisses Sehun softly, sucking on his lower lip, making Jongin hard.  Jongin moves closer to Sehun so he can kiss the bruises on his neck. Sehun turns his head and Jongin looks up, watching how hazy Sehun's eyes get after he’s been well fucked and satiated. It makes Jongin smile before he kisses his mouth.

Zitao comes with a low groan and he pulls out of Sehun, Jongin makes Sehun turn on his side so he can open his mouth wider so he can kiss him more deeply. He rubs his hands over Sehun’s body, whispering as he kissed him, asking him if anything hurt. Sehun shook his head and removes his lips from Jongin’s and hung his head down, closing his eyes and sighing, falling almost instantly to sleep.

Jongin moves to lay flat on his back and he sees Zitao curled up in the corner of the couch, shaking slightly. Jongin slowly stood up, still in a post-coital haze. “What’s wrong,” He grunts.
Zitao shakes his head and Jongin can see tears dripping down his face.

“What if we get into trouble,” Zitao whispers, looking at Sehun, who stirs and turns away from Jongin. Jongin shakes his head and Zitao continues, his breathing choppy, “What if master finds out, what if something…”

“Don’t think like that,” Jongin says abruptly, annoyed and Zitao winces, like he’s been hit. “What’s done is done, just go to sleep.”

Zitao nods and curls up into himself. Jongin wants to hold him but he’s too tired to move any further so he moves back down next to Sehun, throwing his arm over his chest. Sehun snuggles into him, his breathing slow and soft. Jongin hugs close to him protectively and kisses him, falling asleep with Sehun in his arms.

They wake up near the same time together and almost breathe a sigh of relief simultaneously when they realize their master hadn’t returned home yet. They clean up each other in the bath, lapping and licking and asking Sehun to stop begging when he whimpers to be fucked against the tiled wall. When they’re finished, Sehun grabs onto Jongin and keeps him inside of the bathtub, sobbing quietly and apologizing.

“There is nothing to apologize for, Sehunnie,” Jongin kisses Sehun on the nose, tucking wet hair behind his ear. “Nothing.”

Zitao cleans Sehun’s body with the removable showerhead and says nothing.

They clean up the couch and hide the bottle of lube in the toy drawer. Jongin doesn’t ask Zitao if their master had taken away their lube that they found in his bedroom and opts to cuddle with Sehun on the newly cleaned couch. Sehun was calmer now, after being fingered and blown after their bath, and he relaxes even more when Jongin begins to pet and lick his hair.

Zitao sits by himself in the middle of the floor, staring at the wall. Jongin feels irritated and wants to ask him what’s wrong, but he doesn’t to avoid causing a fight. Zitao speaks before he can even figure out what to say.

“What is he hiding from us,” Zitao mutters. He doesn’t turn around to speak to them.

“What Zitao?” Sehun asks, looking up at Jongin, “Who are you talking about?”

“Master,” Zitao says, back turned, “What is hiding us from?”
Sehun shrugs and watches Jongin expectantly. Jongin doesn’t say anything and buries his face into Sehun’s neck.

“The real world,” Jongin mumbles into Sehun’s neck. Zitao doesn’t turn around. The three of them barely speak to each other afterwards; they finish their chores in silence. Zitao cooks dinner without asking the other two and they wait for their master to return in silence.

He doesn’t come until very late, and by then Sehun is tired so Jongin takes him to bed. Zitao eats with their master alone in more silence. Zitao feels miserable and their master knows but he tries to eat his cold food without making him notice.

“This tastes delicious, Zitao,” Their master tells him and Zitao nods, thanking him.

“Sehun,” He asks after a while and Zitao grimaces, “Is he all right?”

Zitao nods but he doesn’t look up from his food. Their master touches his hand and Zitao lifts up his head. Their master’s face can go from kind to menacing so easily, it frightened him.

“Zitao, tell me what’s wrong with Sehun.” He demands in that cold voice that terrifies Zitao. Zitao whimpers when he tightens his grip over his hand, and he looks up to him, eyes pleading.

In a matter of moments, their master bursts into their shared room and tears Sehun out of Jongin’s arms on their bed.

Sehun sobs and their master drags him out without a word to Jongin. Jongin, horrified, gets out of the bed and sees Zitao watching their master lock Sehun inside a bedroom. Jongin glares at Zitao, realization dawning on him.

“How could you…tell,” Jongin asks him, the sound of betrayal in his voice. Zitao shakes his head, “Master said something terrible might happen to Sehun, something terrible for all of us.”

Jongin wants to be furious at him but the hollowness in Zitao’s voice and the fear in his eyes makes Jongin’s body freeze up in terror and his mind to go blank. He turns away from Zitao, walking back into his bed and burying himself into the sheets.

What is thi​s world, Jongin sobs into the covers, why is this happening to us?
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